November 03, 2007

A lousy teacher, an awful student

A FEW days ago, Manolo Quezon (a former colleague at the defunct Today newspaper and one of the country's best editorial writers/opinion columnists today), wrote about how the Presidentita was perceived as a teacher:

"An economist I recently met told me he’d had the President as his professor, and that he felt she’d been a lousy teacher. Why, I asked. She conducted classes, he said, like a bully. She gloried in bombarding her students with questions, saying it was how law students toughened up. The economist said that’s not the way questions are approached in economics, as a discipline, and that furthermore she derived too much enjoyment from demonstrating her authority every which way she could. She tried to pander to female students, he said, but the female students, oddly enough, resented it."

Even then, there were signs of her makings as a future tyrant. (I wonder if she is a fan of Rome and now believes herself to be some kind of Julius Caesar?) Perhaps we can all chalk it down to the common behavior of short ugly people. They just have to force themselves to display other "unusual" talents in order to be noticed.

Kidding aside (or not), even the Presidentita's economics professors also feel embarassed whenever they are "outed" as having her once as a student. It's as if she never learned anything from them. Just ask Dr. Ernie Pernie of the UP School of Economics, who has publicly whipped her for her poor population policy. There are a lot more ex-GMA professors in that university who don't want to be identified with her I reckon.

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