November 14, 2007

Here's one more for Golden Acres

Why can't these old fogies just roll over and die? Sure they were deserving of some amount of respect for being senior politicians, which we grudgingly accorded them for some time. But now Enrile and his ilk are just bratty geezers. period. And they have become a nuisance.

Btw, why is he starting to talk like a colegiala, too? Graduate ba 'to ng Assumption?

From my favorite columnist, Manuel Buencamino of BusinessMirror.

Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom

Letter to Senator Enrile

“I am furious at hypocrites, those who pretend to be someone they are not.” —Juan Ponce Enrile

Dear Senator Enrile,

I saw you on ANC’s Morning Show telling Ricky Carandang, “I don’t make bola, I don’t tell lies.”

But if only I had forgotten that you staged a fake ambush on yourself in 1972 and lied about it for 14 years. . . .

I also read your reply to Speaker de Venecia’s charge that you’re engaged in destructive politics.

Ako engaged in destructive politics? You talk about morality, you’re not entitled to talk about morality,” you said.

But if only I had forgotten you vanished right after you agitated the crowd in Edsa 3. . . .

(The rest at Dispatches.)

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