July 19, 2008

And then...a miracle :)

AFTER being depressed and weepy over my friend's passing, Someone Up There gives me a little nudge as if reminding me that this is all part of His Plan. That without death, there can be no life. And after much grief and mourning, we will rejoice again.

So behold! celebrate another miracle from Him. This is Baby Amira, the few-days old daughter of my friends Kler and Rikki. She was born on July 17 at the Makati Medical Center, weighing in at 5 lbs. Kinda tiny but Kler is a small woman as well.

Isn't she the cutest? Welcome to the world little angel! Get ready to do really great things!

(Thank you Lord for not forgetting me. Thank you for helping me deal with the pain by reminding me of the truly important things in the world. As always, You are there when I need You the most.)

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