July 28, 2008

SONA mukha mo!

I don't have a computer right now as i'm in the process of upgrading. But I just had to blog my thoughts about today's State of the Nation (SONA) by our beloved presidentita.

The presidentita has the best fiction writers around. Only they could come up with crap like that and weave it into a literary masterpiece. If her SONA speech were a novel, it would top the New York Times Bestseller List...for FICTION!

I rode a cab today coming from an interview and the driver said with gas prices so high (premium is over P60/liter), he has very little saved up from his daily earnings minus the boundary.

"Sabi ni Gloria, konting tiis pa daw. Lahat kaming mahihirap nag-tiis...di na kami makakain. Mahal ang sardinas, P13 sa tindahan, bigas, instant mami...baka sunod nyan, parang hayop na kami dahil damo nalang kakainin namin. Kokonti nalang nagtitiis ngayon kasi lahat namatay na."

And that, people, is the real state of this nation.

(P.S. Red is really the presidentita's color. But I dunno why she wore a Ma. Clara outfit today w/c again, infantilized her...tyanak nga e sabi ni pangs...A terno would have been more becoming. Ayan, sablay na ang economic policies, but wardrobe sablay din. The only thing that works is her botoxed forehead!)


tagamakatikungminsantaganegrosoboracay said...

pucha kung di lang talagang miserable na ang ordinaryong tao - gusto ko sanang tumawa ng malutong. hahaha! tyanak na naka ma. clarang pula pucha POHTAH (easy ka lang sa fictionalized sona mo... for all you know, our beloved crazy you know who was the one who fictionalized it, haha!)

Stella Arnaldo said...

Oh even if our palangga buang was the one who wrote the speech, the content naman is still the admin's responsibility. I wouldn't fault him for it.