July 09, 2008

California dreaming

STRAIGHT from sunny California, we hear whisperings and hushed talk about a certain globe-trotting government VIP who recently went shopping at the Neiman Marcus Stanford outlet.

According to our sources, the VIP with two "blue ladies" and bodyguards in tow, was walking around looking at the merchandise, and by the end of the walkabout, more than $20,000 had been paid to Neiman Marcus for her purchases...IN CASH! ladies and gentlemen. Which is why Neiman Marcus staff couldn't help but talk about the VIP for days.

As you know, in the States, credit cards (or personal cheques) are most often used and anybody who pays in cash is, ahem, a bit suspect. (Well, you can't blame them really because even back here at home, that VIP is suspect as well.)

Ooh, and what were the purchases of this certain VIP? A fabulous fur-trimmed long leather coat from Loro Piana, a really luxe clothing line from Italy which uses cashmere and other expensive fabrics for its goods, and two Chanel bags. Mind you dahlings, even if Neiman's is on 40 percent off this time of the year, those goodies purchased by our beloved VIP certainly were not!

(Luv this cape from Loro Piana...mga $14,000 lang naman sa Neiman Marcus. Ngek.)

For the Loro Piana coat alone, the tag is something like $15,000 (I suspect its chinchilla trim with a cashmere lining, that's why it costs so much) and for the Chanel bags, about $2,000-$3,000 a pop.

Now lemme just talk about Loro Piana goods a bit, because I salivate at the thought of ever wearing one of their products. They are so fab, fab, fabulous! Starting out as wool traders in the 1800s, the company has grown into a mega super luxe clothing and interiors brand although its still more known for its specialty, cashmere fabrics and goods. Recent additions to its line are its bags and jorjeous boots! Hay! Gandah!

In fairview, this VIP has taste (or as my witty sources say, hindi sya ang me taste but ang personal shopper/wardrobe consultant nya! hahahaha!).

Anyhoo, the Neiman's ghels and gheys were all abuzz about the coat purchase of this VIP, not only because it was paid for in cash, but because ang init dito sa Pilipins! Where the eff! is she going to use it daw? And when she was in the States, it's also summer! Well, she does travel a lot because of her job and shempre pa, she has to be fashyon when she is around her fellow VIPs when they meet abroad.

Ang tanong ko lang, sa liit nya, bagay kaya sa kanya yung coat na 'yun? Hindi kaya sya malunod sa fur-trim? Oops! dead giveaway na ba ang clue na yan?

And as pangs would say, 'tangina naman, nagkalunod-lunod at namatay-matay ang mga passengers sa MV Princess of the Stars ng Sulpicio Lines, mega-shopping pa din ang lolah nyo, instead of coming right back home! (Although in fairview, as some want to point out, she didn't have NM closed naman, like you-know-who.) Da who itong VIP na itich?!

* * * *

Anyway where will she use her fur-trimmed leather coat? Well maybe she will use it during the wintry months when she will be spending her retirement in her villa in Spain. Ahahay! The family seems to be preparing for the worst, as in, when she no longer has her job, and a mob is out to get her, she and her family can easily escape! (Itong VIP na ito kasi, feel na feel mag-Castilla kaya she wants to live in Spain, kahit di sya true coño, at sa true lang, looking more like a tiyanak sya...hahaha! Am I starting to sound like Chikka Time? Ayan pinasara kasi e!)

You have to hand it to this VIP and her family, all their investments are in properties abroad. Straight from a government source's mouth ang chica na 'yan ha! Apparently, the family already owns numerous buildings around the Van Nuys Blvd. in L.A. Talk about money laundering!

When not in Spain, she can always visit her son (a failed entertainer), at his newly-purchased house in Foster City (sa true lang, ang hilig nila sa California...bagsak kasi ang property market dun). Si Mon Tulfo dati tanong ng tanong sa column nya ba't ang tagal-tagal daw nitong VIP son sa abroad. E kasi nga naman, nag-house hunting pa. Can you people guess where he got all his moolah to pay for his house, considering that his present government job doesn't really pay much?

(An aerial view of Foster City from Wikipedia)

Because of its location, our sources say, VIP son's house can't be lower than $1 million. After all, Foster City is an area where rich people in San Mateo County live. O dava! Kundi man sya naging superstar dito sa Pinas, at least superstar naman ang house nya sa States!

At eto pa! The son is still having his house renovated, and will put a smaller living area for his alalays at the back! Hwaw! ang laki ng backyard nya ha. Say nyo?! Cash rin kaya ang bayad nya sa property and renovations? Josh!

Just lemme get my hands on the exact address at i-Google Earth ko yan! Abangan.


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