July 23, 2008

Finally, Pepper Lunch! (and a word about the Dark Knight)

(Waiting in line at Pepper Lunch.)

AFTER months of waiting, I finally ate at Pepper Lunch at the Rockwell Power Plant Mall in Makati. I had hesitated going earlier because of the long lines of eager diners, and also because it had just opened. As a part-time food reviewer, I usually give a restaurant three to six months before eating there, just to give it time to settle down, its cooking perfected, and its customer service polished.

I went last Friday and Ms. RP and I were soooo famished! Buti nalang the line wasn't so long anymore as it was past 8 pm by the time we got there. Ms. RP ordered the Beef Pepper Steak while I had the Cut Steak and Hamburger Burger Combo. We also shared a Spicy Tuna Salad between us.

(This is how you cook your steak, neh.)

Ms. RP liked her dish, which was evident in the way she quickly finished it. But she said it was kinda difficult to eat the spicy tuna salad which was in a tall plastic cup that wasn't too sturdy, and wherein in you had to dig down deep to get to the soba noodles. It was kinda hard nga naman to mix the salad. But I liked the taste which was a curious mix of salt and spice. It was a good pampaalis-suya especially if you are eating all that beef (which I actually try to stay away from to keep healthy. But once in awhile, I do get a hankering for it, especially if the steak is really tender and juicy.)

As for me, I loooved my dish, especially the burger! So tasty and soft, not super crusty like how burgers usually become after being on the grill. Wouldja believe I finished my rice? Hay, carbo loading! Ang comment ko lang is that they should snip off the ends of the bean sprouts, you know the soiled ends that usually causes tummy aches? I ate everything 'cos I was so hungry na, I didn't have the patience to cut 'em off anymore, so there, I had a tummy ache after nga. I aso wonder if I they can serve kernel corn instead of bean sprouts if a customer requests it? Parang it will also be a delicious combo because of the butter.

(Pero, magbayad muna kayo.)

I like the cheerful and chic ambiance of the restaurant, and the waitstaff are well-trained. They were ever so helpful, especially when the couple at the table beside us spilled their soda. (Actually si ghel was really the clumsy one who knocked over her drink, much to the consternation of bhoyfren...josh! I just noticed how embarrassed he was 'cos of what happened, that he didn't speak at all, even as Ms. RP tried to make light of the matter. Last date na nila 'yan ahm chure!)

The waitstaff (or busboy) came up with the mop and the trapo to wipe the floor and table clean. After, he gave the ghel another serving of softdrink, for free. Hwaw! swerte naman ni ghel.

(Spicy Tuna Salad)

I like the price points of the restaurant as well. Ms. RP's dish cost P235 with a soda already, while mine was P360 (you can tell them to give you bottled water instead of a soda). The spicy tuna was P99. So in total, we spent less than P700. Of course, we were so busog, we had no space to eat dessert anymore, kainis. I wanted to try pa naman that Kuromitsu ice cream. Mmmm...

I am raring to go back and try the other dishes in the menu (the Shimofuri Pepper Steak and Teriyaki Pepper Salmon look interesting). Some of the items are kinda expensive like the Shimofuri and the Yawaraka Loin Steak, pero kung masarap naman, why not chocnut? I've always felt okay shelling out more money for good quality food. After working to death, why deny yourself that luxury? Let's burp to that.

(Cut Steak and Hamburger Combo...yumminess!)

(Pepper Lunch is at the Food Court of the Rockwell Power Plant in Makati.)

* * * *

I didn't like the Dark Knight. Then again, I've never been a fan of the Batman movies. (I liked the old TV series though starring Adam West as the Caped Crusader, because its was so camp! Funny!)

Of course, Heath Ledger was excellent in this movie; he really werked the role of the Joker. I'm sure he will be nominated and will win a posthumous Oscar award. But Christian Bale? Nah, not impressive. So payat pa.

The plot was too predictable. Obviously Batman would try to save Harvey Dent because he believed that the DA was going to be the hero of Gotham City. Bruce Wayne said so himself. I only liked the fact that Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine were in it. Even with their small roles as Lucius Fox and Alfred the butler, magaling sila talaga in their understated acting. Oh, and Batman's motorcycle was hot! The Batmobile, not so.

But great scott Batman! bakit ang panget ni Maggie Gylenhall?!?!


Anonymous said...

maggie naman is better (both as an actress and in looks) than that starlet wifey of tom cruise who played the love interest of batman in the fist film. i luv maggie, by the way. she's my sister-in-law! hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

thank you for coming to Pepper Lunch!!

Stella Arnaldo said...

Hoy anonymous, mag-hunos dili ka sa delusions mo ha! he-he

Stella Arnaldo said...

You're welcome chuvaness. Pleasure was all mine. Will return there for sure :)

Stella Arnaldo said...

Hey Anon. 12:34 pm, I watched Maggie G. promoting Dark Knight on David Letterman (it was a replay on Maxx) and she looked absolutely jorjeous! Flawless ang complexion ng lolah. So I dunno how cum baby cum she looked ugly in Dark Knight. Tsk tsk.