July 08, 2008

New and improved (or should say old and comforting?)

AS I was revving up Pop's car a few days ago, I channel surfed on the FM radio for something to listen to. To my surprise, Joey 92.3 FM, which used to play lounge music, has now been rebranded as 92.3 xFM.

The songs just brought me back to my high school days when Brother Wayne (Enage) was still on the air playing jazz fusion on KissFM. 92.3 xFM's station ID is so apt: "Light 'N Up", because the music is smooth and cool, just the kind of tunes you'd want to listen to while driving or while reminiscing about your first kiss...uuuuy!

I hardly ever listen to local radio as I am always so turned off by talking heads, DJs in their fake American accents stupidly discussing the issues of the day as if they were the FM versions of their counterparts on AM. Duh. Now we just have great old comforting jazz/crossover music on 92.3. Luvit!

Still figuring out how to import the station on iTunes. But for now, just click here. It works best on Windows Media Player. (Now if we can only get Brother Wayne and his partners to reopen Jazzbox, the world will be a better place to live in.)

* * * *

BTW, I already have one positive comment about my new Song player courtesy of Finetune.com. (Pangs, if you're reading this, I don't know why your comment on the blog hasn't shown up yet. But thanks for the SMS.)

So keep those comments coming. If you guys like the Songplayer and my playlist, I think I'll keep the widget.

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