August 25, 2008

Beatles in Manila...arayko

When they awoke on July 5, they discovered the Filipino media had made the group public enemies No 1, 2, 3 and 4 for “snubbing” Imelda Marcos. Getting out became the priority. 'At the airport we were all jostled, shoved, pushed, and it was ‘Carry your own bags – there’s no porters for you! ’ It upset the Beatles a great deal,” recalls Whitaker. “When we were on the plane waiting to take off, there was complete silence in the first-class cabin. We didn’t know whether we were all going to be dragged off and slung into prison. When the engines started up and we were finally in the air, there was such elation among all of us to get out of that f***-hole.” (Click Sunday Times of London for the rest.)

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