August 20, 2008

Skype me!

WELL, wait until I get my face on, that is.

Miggy and I have been talking to each other via Skype for the past three days, and I just realized that video via webcam really isn't that flattering. So when another friend called me yesterday morning, and because she was in the office and fully made-up, I kinda got self-conscious.

(Lipstick beside my Mac...SOP from now on.)

You see, I work from my home office, so I virtually have no need to put on any makeup (unlike my mother who has lipstick on even if she's just watching TV), So when you're Skyping at 10:30 am, you better have some eyeliner and lipstick on ghels and gheys! or like me, I probably looked such a fright to Tish when I spoke to her this morning...I just woke up and was in my pangtulog. Of course, since she lives in New York, she was also in her sleepwear, about to turn in for the day. But compared to me sympre, she looked fresh and put together, mukang bagong paligo ang lolah ko. So after this morning's Rocky Horror Picture Show (or sige na nga, Regal Shockers), I have resolved to put on some pressed powder, eyeliner, and a dab of lipstick every morning...just in case someone Skypes me.

Btw, like Facebook, Skype is such a great way to keep in touch w/ friends and relatives abroad. (Or like Miggy and I, even when we're practically just separated by Edsa and Visayas Ave. hahaha!) I know Skype has been around for a few years, but I only got my new Macbook recently w/c has a built-in Isight (or webcam), whereas my old Ibook didn't have one. So it's now more fun to use Skype because you see your caller or the people you call in all their fugly glory...hahaha! (According to Ms. RP, this is what she is worried about as well if she starts using Skype. We would have to put our fez on everytime we go before the webcam...)

Sure, Yahoo Messenger and those other instant messaging applications like our homegrown Chikka, as well as cellphone texting, are useful because you get to chat/text w/ your friends here and abroad, but I sorta miss the good 'ol days when people actually spoke to each other, fez to fez. It was a hoot to see Tish, for example, in her bedroom in New York (and her American hubby too who was nakiki-chismis w/ us), even as she complained about the noisy yapping dogs of my neighbor.

After being such a bad influence on my friends for introducing them to Facebook, now I'm getting all of them to do Skype. Imagine, we can even play poker now via Skype? The possibilities are endless I tell ya! It's cool, so gheys and ghels, come let's join us!

All right Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up.

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