August 31, 2008

Sarah who?

(The very chica Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin...dubbed the 'hottest governor in the coldest state' of the U.S.)

SO Sen. John McCain sprang a surprise among his supporters. And well, the rest of the world.

Unlike Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama – whose veep is a pretty popular guy in the halls of the Senate, Joe Biden, albeit more because of his often long, long speeches, hehe – McCain's chosen runningmate, Gov. Sarah Palin, is obviously a relative unknown on the national, much less, the international level.

She is no Geraldine Ferraro, thank you, who was the first woman ever to run for vice president. Nor a Hillary Clinton, who tried to be the first woman presidential candidate in U.S. history. Both women, before trying to get elected to the highest posts of the U.S. government, had some amount of national exposure because of their runs in Congress and their personal advocacies. (Although in fairview, like ko ang eyeglasses ng Lola Sarah...very nye!)

Palin's appointment is a pretty desperate attempt by the McCain group/Republican Party to get the women who still can't get over Hillary Clinton losing to Obama to switch to their side. I think American women are more intelligent than that (aren't all women anyway?!). They know McCain/the Republicans didn't get Palin because they believed she would be the most qualified (among the other veep contenders) to jump right into the president's shoes if, knock on wood, something happens to McCain if he does manage to snag the presidency. They chose her because she's a woman. Plain and simple. It's just a gimmick and I think most American women will see through that.

(Democratic Party Veep candidate Sen. Joe Biden...ang kayuut ng lolo na ito!)

I'm not knocking Palin's abilities, because being a mother, she can probably handle almost anything. And she supposedly has a reputation as a tough reformer. Pero, if you compare her to someone like Biden who has been around the halls of Congress far longer, and who has a firm grasp of both international and domestic issues, Palin's resume reads very short. I mean, what could have been the toughest decision she has had to make as a governor of Alaska? How to control the caribou population? Ayayay!

Hopefully, because Biden is a Catholic, Pinoys in the States will vote for the Obama-Biden ticket instead of pushing through with their threats of switching to McCain.

Click here for TIME magazine's profile on Sarah Palin. For Joe Biden's profile, click NYT.

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