August 14, 2008

Laugh-a-minute at Project Runway Philippines

THERE'S a new comedy show in town and it's name is Project Runway Philippines! Comedy because the ghey designers in this show are just hilarious, as only Pinoy gheys can be. So one minute they're sobbing their poor little mascaraed eyes out, then the next minute they're catty and downright beyoootches...just my kind of programming! Ma-drama itong mga lolah na ito, I don't think they were scripted at all, unlike their American counterparts. They are so transparent so pag im sila, or just being tupperware to their colleagues, ay it shows mga sisters!

I just found the show on Channel 16 of SkyCable although I've always been an avid fan of the U.S. version (I have a ghey crush on Tim Gunn!). But I didn't think the local version was airing already. One thing though, those subtitles are soooo distracting! Anovayan? Wilson Tieng didn't invest in a good sound system and engineer? Tsk, tsk, tsk, sayang and technology. (Wilson Tieng is the producer of the show and if I'm not mistaken, owns Solar Channel.)

Oh and another thing, why is the host Teresa Herrera trying to forcibly channel Heidi Klum? Gasp! Kalowkah! Buti pa si Jojie Lloren, he doesn't try to be like Tim Gunn, although the former should try to be more articulate in his critiques. Like if I were the designer, I'd be like, "OK Jojie, what are you trying to tell me?" (My fab fashion writer ghey friend tells me the original choice as host was actually Tweetie de Leon, except that some people thought she was kinda jurassic na. And I go, have you seen the closeups of Teresa Herrera?)

I'm not being a beyootch here (okay, so I am, so what?), but I think Apples Sadhawi would have been a better choice as host. She sounds articulate, and her face is still fresh-looking after all these years (sige na nga, it must be the Pond's). Maybe next season, the producers would rethink the script and the major characters in the show. Like they should consider maybe switching Rajo and Jojie's roles. Although Rajo is younger, parang he has more to say when it comes to critiquing the clothes or giving helpful hints to the designers (although honestly, I don't think he's the greatest designer in the country). But you know what they say, those who can't do, teach.

For it's first season, I think Project Runway Philippines is watchable enough, as long as these ghey designers keep shooting off their mouths. Kapluk!
* * * *

A word about the fake child singing sensation at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies: Made in China ang production, what did you guys expect? Bumibili ba kayo ng tunay na LV bag sa Greenhills? Hello.

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