August 04, 2008

Of course you know GMA!

PICKED up this bit of news from Jessica's blog, about a Microsoft global study that proves that the Theory of Six Degrees of Separation is actually truer than we think. (Read it here.)

Using its MSN Messenger, Microsoft researchers considered two people "acquaintances" even if they sent just one message to another person. From that, a chain of acquaintances was studied and the researchers found that indeed the average chain length between one person to another was exactly 6.6.

Well, I've met and had dinner with the Presidentita in Malacañang once (she even gave me a goodbye peck on the cheek...which seriously, made my skin crawl). Since all of you readers I consider as acquaintances, by that, you are separated from our beloved chief of the land via just one hop. Scary, innit?

* * * *

Isa pang pang-gising: Sorry it took so long, but I'm finally posting a photo of one of the bags that a VIP government official bought in her recent shopping trip to Neiman Marcus Stanford.

(The Chanel ice cube 2.55 true lang, it really is delish. Last year's rage. Me taste ang personal shopper ng lolah nyo. Photo from The Bag Snob)

Since that posting, I've received comments ranging from, of course, that "VIP's personal shopper has taste, 'cos she's an Ilongga", to "how depressing naman!", and a tip on how much her hubby blew in Vegas while she was out shopping.

Then there are those who said, this VIP shoppingera really ought to look good because after all, she is representing the Philippines in many international forums. Inaway tuloy ni Pangs sa inis nya! Haha! But I say, so much for "pagtitiis" that she appeals that her constituents must make.

Then again, with all the public policy faux pas she's been committing since she became a government official, and the ensuing nasty public opinion she's been receiving, she would need some retail therapy. Naawa ba kayo?

Good morning sa lahat ng mga cab drivers all over da Pilipins! Andito pa din tayong lahat, sabay-sabay na nagtitiis!

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