October 21, 2008

AK Gov. Sarah Palin on SNL

IN case you haven't seen it yet, here are the sketches of Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. Try to click pause when Sarah and Tina pass each other...the resemblance is uncanny. Too bad there was no Sarah/Tina sketch like that of Hillary Clinton/Amy Poehler's during the primaries.

Opening presscon

Amy Poehler steps in for Palin

INTERESTING that Palin flies thousands of miles to appear on SNL, but won't grant an honest-to-goodness press conference. Scary innit? You betcha!

In any case, if she does lose the election (and I'm betting my moosehair go-go boots that she will), SNL can hire her as one of its talents. She obviously knows groove to the music, act silly, and read cue cards. Whatta major achievement in the Republican electoral campaign.


Conventional Wisdom said...

Lol. But you know what? Somehow, I almost feel bad for her... and all these sketches about her.

Stella Arnaldo said...

Oh no conventional wisdom! Resist the urge to feel sorry for this woman! REEE-SIST! Lol.

Huy nice your macbook...like mine ;)