October 05, 2008

Be careful of what you eat

BOY this has really been a few weeks of bad news, ey? When the hell can we breathe again?!

As if the global financial crisis isn't enough, now the Chinese tainted milk is threatening to err, restrict our dietary habits. According to several news sources, Hong Kong authorities found a few Cadbury chocolate variants tainted with melamine. (Yup, that's exactly the same thing as those 70's era brown dishes were made of.) I know some chocoholic friends who will just hurl bec. of this bit of news.

I used to love Cadbury chocolates when I was little. Then as I grew up, I discovered the more divine chocolates like Godiva, Leonidas, Neuhaus, Valhrona, Lindt, etc. When I visited San Francisco ages ago, Ghirardelli Square was one of the first shops I went to...got dizzy from all the chocolate choices! As I got older, my palate turned to the less sweet varieties so now I just love, love dark chocolates. The bitter, the better.

Hong Kong finds melamine in two Cadbury products

ABC News Oct. 5, 2008

Hong Kong's food safety watchdog says that two China-made chocolate products sold there by British sweetmaker Cadbury contained dangerous levels of melamine.

The city's Centre for Food Safety said in a statement that the two products - Dairy Milk Cookies Chocolate and Dairy Milk Hazelnut Chocolate, both sold in five-kilogram bulk packs - contained unacceptable levels of the toxic chemical.

Both products were among 11 recalled by Cadbury in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia last week, after the company said its own tests had "cast doubt on the integrity" of some items made at its Beijing plant.

The Centre said six other Cadbury products were tested and found to be safe for consumers. The remaining three products could not be tested due to lack of a sufficient sample. (Click here for the rest.)

SO be careful of what you eat gheys and ghels! Read the ingredients of the food items you are supposed to buy before putting 'em in your grocery cart. For now, stay away from the Chinese milk products and chocolates, no matter what the brand is. Munch on, or feed your kids some veggie sticks in the meantime. It'll be healthier pa.

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