October 24, 2008

In the tradition of Chaka time...

SO about the Black Widow...after her lover passed away, this woman is once more on the prowl apparently, lately seen w/ another old older man in tow. Poor chap...he is clueless about the fate that will befall him. Many who have seen her lately comment about how she no longer looks fresh, but rather old and tired, despite her still lithe figure.

At the latest sighting of Black Widow, it was apparent that the alta de sociedad she used to rub elbows with, no longer consider her a member of their club. She was seen sadly moving about the crowd, with none of her old "friends" getting up to greet her nor to speak to her. They cannot say that they didn't see her because she had on a striking pink flirty frilly blouse on.

We're not surprised at their behavior towards her, however, because we're sure most of them probably heard of how she was still trying to put one over her lover at his death bed by making him turn over some of his other properties. (Or, put one over his lover's real family...the guy never having actually divorced his first wife.) We are happy to report, that she was unsucessful in this effort.

It was also amusing to see that even some of the journalists who once fawned over Black Widow and who had kept putting her and her lover in the society pages of their publication only years before, did not even recognize her existence. Not even when she approached their table to greet the gorgeous scion of this well-known business family did the journalists give her a second glance. Btw, it's been rumored that Black Widow's real father had actually belonged to said business family, so the gorgeous lady she had kissed was actually her "cousin."

Da who is the Black widow and the cousin she kissed?

* * * *

NOW it can be told...da who is this TV personality who was so kapal to actually approach the officials of this transportation firm so he could become its celebrity endorser? As in, when he met with the officials, may I project sha ng kanyang katalinuhan and mastery of the English language as he made a presentation of why he will be good for the image of that firm.

All he wanted in exchange for his appearance on all the firm's advertising (print and billboards) was free tickets to all the firm's destinations. Grabeh ha, this guy must've actually thought he looked better and sexier than the celebrity endorser of that transport firm's main rival. Hibang ka ba, boy?! Fez value palang, talo ka na noh?

But of course, since they weren't paying any cash to the guy, kumagat naman ang super-tipid executives of this transport firm and made Mr. TV Personality their celebrity endorser. But as fate would have it, those executives and that company are no more. And so even the celebrity endorser has no more contract. Obviously, the guy's status in the entertainment world didn't help one iota for the company to book more sales. Nalugi pa nga sila noh?

But many have observed how slick and smooth Mr. TV personality is underneath that nice guy demeanor. We're pretty sure he will land another victim in no time.

Yun lang pow!

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