October 08, 2008

Cindy McCain supladita

WAS glued to the TV set this morning to watch Debate No. 2 between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama. No doubt about it, Obama was the stronger debater. He answered most of the questions pointedly..."This is what I'm gonna do about the economy...pak! No. 1, pak! No. 2, pak! No. 3... He had the answers and McCain didn't. Obama knew what issues to prioritize (economy, healthcare), what areas should he cut spending (the war in Iraq), and where investments should be poured into (e.g. renewable/alternative energy to lessen the dependence on foreign oil).

Sure Obama waffled a bit in the area of foreign policy compared to McCain's "I looked at Putin straight in the eye and it was KGB spelled all over his face..." But then that's why Obama's choice of Sen. Joe Biden was excellent as the latter has the foreign policy experience. As for McCain, he doesn't have a good grasp of the economy and how the common working Americans are hurting from the economy. It's simply because he has lived off his wife Cindy's bank accounts most of his life, w/ more than four houses to their name, so how can he be expected to understand the plight of the rest of the US of A, where Americans are losing their homes? He needed a VP who would've beefed up his economic knowledge, or the little that he knows about it. Instead, he picks someone who doesn't know diddly squat about the rest of the world except that "when Putin rears his head, it will be in Alaska." You betcha!

(Cindy McCain ang tigas ng fez mo!)

And sorry to say, McCain really not only sounded awful but looked awful as well. Politics is a matter of perception. When you watch McCain hobbling around on his bad leg, his hair all white, and hyuk-hyuking like an idiot, it just spells OLD. Look here, I have nothing about old people. I enjoy listening to them prattle on about their lives and their experiences. And I'm sure if I had a chance to meet Sen. McCain, it would be nice to chat w/ him and listen to his war stories, parang like a Lolo making kwento to his grandchild.

But his age and physical disability isn't an advantage in the visual department when the electoral campaign is covered by TV and Internet. Seeing him walk around the deabte venue today looked like his time was up. McCain's moment to become president has already passed him. He needs to let go and give the job to someone younger, tougher, and brimming with creative ideas. And I'm not talking about Sarah Palin ha? Ick!

I am also not liking that Cindy McCain ha. Right after the debate she went into the hall, moved around with her husband, nodded her head in greeting the debate participants. (It was a town-hall style meeting which called for a lot of questions from participants.) But she was just stiff and cold. Her face was frozen w/ a fixed smile. Parang nanigas yung fez nya sa kaka-botox! And she did not shake hands with anybody except Obama's after the latter offered his hand in greeting. As for the studio audience, Cindy kept her distance and did not offer even her pinky. Sa true lang, She not only is suplada but actually looks like a tranny pa!

(Michelle Obama super fabulosa!)

In contrast, Michelle Obama turned on the charm. She moved among the debate participants, held out her hand to greet them, kissed a few. Picture-picture. So fabulosa pa! I super like her. She's like Obama who has a lot of charisma. He strides and walks tall among the people, very fashyon in his business suit, so guapo!

There is another debate on Thursday (Friday 9 am Manila time) and I doubt if any of these two will say something new. It is very obvious that things are conspiring to make Obama the next president of the United States. The economy is in recession which in any electoral season, will never favor the incumbent leader. And most Americans want to end the war in Iraq so Washington can concentrate on their needs on their home turf. They need a very dynamic and spirited leader who has a vision where America will be in 10 years.

So I'm pretty sure Obama will win in November. And I promise to eat steak everyday if that doesn't happen.

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