October 16, 2008

Damn you Steve Jobs!

JUST when we thought we were all happy with our new Macbooks, here comes Apple again with a sexier, lighter, and greener Macbook! I hate you Steve Jobs!

The New Generation 2.0 ghz version is being sold by Apple at $1,299 (P61,053). I assume that local Apple resellers or authorized Philippine dealers will be retailing it for at least P67,000. Not bad I think considering the new goodies therein...like being made of one single thick sheet of aluminum which makes it lighter; they completely got rid of the rectangular mouse adjoining the trackpad; it now carries the 802.11n wi-fi draft standard, an LED backlit glossy display coupled w/ a new graphics processor which makes the colors just pop; while the new 2.4 ghz version has an illuminated keyboard (if you like typing in the dark then I guess this is the computer for you); etc. All that in a 4.5-lb package, w/c is a pound less than my recently-bough Macbook.

I want! A source and fellow Macnut tells me this new beauty will be available at the new A-shop at the Podium "in a week and a half." Hmmm...I wonder if the store accepts trade-ins.

Btw, I was just in that store this afternoon and I've already listed down a few yummies that I want to get for my Macbook. Pero, ipon-ipon muna!

* * * *

MEANWHILE, if you still haven't watched it, go see Tropic Thunder starring Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, Nick Nolte, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Cruise, and our very own Reggie Lee (ok, lemme say it...mabuhay ang Pinoy!). You will surely howl in laughter at this new comedy which pokes fun at Vietnam war movies and the Hollywood film-making machine. It also lampoons actors who take themselves seriously and I must say, Robert Downey Jr. plays Russel Crowe ever so perfectly. In this movie, he plays an Australian actor who plays an African-American. Downey Jr brilliant as usual!

And while I have never been a Tom Cruise fan, his portrayal of a loud-mouth, cursing, money-grubbing Hollywood film producer who loves rap music was just superb! I have officially become a fan...although, you still can't make me watch The Last Samurai, War of the Worlds, MI3, or Valkyrie. I somehow feel that when 2001 rolled in, Tom Cruise just went severely mental w/c affected his acting and his ability to pick out winners for films.

Anyhoo, this film is super-funny I swear!

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