February 02, 2009

Chiz plays coy

I hate to be so crabby on a Monday, but Chiz Escudero's drama managed to irritate me this morning.
"Given the lack of age requirement, I cannot categorically state that I am running. There is a proper time for such declaration. While others may have openly declared their intention to run, I respect their right to do so and wish them the best," he said.
"So when am I declaring? You can ask me again after my birthday on October 10, 2009," Escudero added. (Read the rest here.)

But two days ago, he said this:
"I am running because we need a leader that can provide solutions to the unemployment problem, the clamor of teachers for higher salaries and [I am] a man that could address the issue on hunger and poverty," he told reporters here. (Read the rest here.)

Hah! I knew there was something not right about Chiz. This kid is just all talk. Glib, glib, glib.

Btw, why does every Tom, Dick, and Harry for President thinks he's the next Barack Obama? First, Jojo Binay, now Chiz Escudero? Who next? Loren Legarda, too? Gads.

Enough! MAR Roxas 2010 pa rin!


Anonymous said...

Earlier, in a dzbb interview Senator Escudero jokingly said it must have a language barrier that kept the journalist from understanding hi Tagalog. The statement was an answer to a hypothetical question and it was taken way off the context of the discussion. Sen. Escudero's position has always been consistent: That he would not dare declare until he is fully qualififed for any position. If it is the presidency or vice-presidency he wouldn't be technically be qualified until he reach 40 this october 2009.

Stella Arnaldo said...

It's already a given that he will be qualified based on the age requirement alone. That's why people want to know if he will run or not.

This reminds me of a dinner I once had w/ GMA w/ my fellow editors. I asked her pointblank, why doesn't she just say if she was running for President (or not), just to settle all speculations and let people go on w/ their lives. She answered, she will make the announcement at the "right time." And she did. Twice may I add.

If Chiz wants to be like Obama so much, he should stop all that posturing. Obama came right out and said he was going to run for President. Period.

Stella Arnaldo said...

And pls. drop the Lost in Translation jokes. People also speak Tagalog in Digos. Wanna ask Mayor Duterte?

Anonymous said...

it is very obvious that this chiz escudero is an obama wannabe. but at least obama did a lot for US unlike escudero puro ingay at pacute lang, nag endorsed pa kasama ang lounge singer wife!

too young to lead our country, he may be young but what we need is someone new and who can really relate to the filipinos, yung hindi nagkukunwaring simple like escudero.