May 20, 2009

Careless more time

IN as much as everyone’s yakking about it, might as well add my two cents worth on this Katrina Halili-Dr. Hayden Kho sex video scandal. Admittedly, I didn't even know who Halili was until this controversy blew up. Apparently she's an artista who is usually photographed in various stages of undress and was recently voted FHM Philippines' Sexiest Woman for 2006 and 2007. Congratulations.

(This is how Katrina Halili poses for magazine shoots. Photo from the FHM web site.)

I only managed to see the Careless Whispers video with both parties gyrating like dancers in some gay or girlie bar, but am informed there are other videos showing them actually doing the nasty. As per the grapevine, these were the videos that Kho’s sugar mommy, Dr. Vicky Belo, saw on his computer which enraged her and caused her to break up with him. (Why she was snooping into his computer in the first place is an interesting question.)

The grapevine continues that the videos were released by Belo’s friends out of sheer frustration because she’s gotten back together with Kho. Well with friends like that, who needs enemies, ey? Of course, these are totally unconfirmed rumors as no one has yet come out accepting responsibility for the dastardly deed.

(Dr. Hayden Kho, wanna-be boldstar/singer/macho dancer. Photo from Divakadiyan.)

Despite the protestations of some women’s groups over this “raping twice over” of Halili, I really feel little sympathy for her. Sorry hija, sexy ka, pero...The way it’s been told, Halili and Kho were porking each other while the latter was still playing sweet music with the Doktora. Halili was aware of this and despite the Doktora being her benefactor as well, didn’t even have the decency to respect said relationship.

From what I saw with the Careless Whispers video, it isn’t difficult to imagine what the two idiots had planned from the start. Seriously, who actually strips down to their undies to practice a dance number? After the rehearsal, were they expected to just go home? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know where those spastic gyrations and eardrum-splitting singing would lead to. Although I admit Careless Whispers isn’t the type of music that would put anyone in the mood. Bleeah. (Btw, Halili was quite proud of herself in that video. Click this interview.)

(Dr. Vicky Belo, cosmetic surgeon who became sucessful bec. of the endorsements of celebrities. What could she be thinking now? 'Oh no, I created a monster!' Photo from the ABS-CBN web site.)

So some porking was caught on tape. Halili claims she didn't know she was being videotaped. I doubt this. She's seen Kho videotape himself in less than stunning performances, how could she not know he'd have the predilection to videotape his sex acts? He wasn't in love w/ you Katrina! He was in love with himself! Pig.

Halili says she feels violated. For someone who makes a living from being photographed half-naked, this is a mind-boggling claim. Maybe she feels humiliated because firstly, she was caught lying red-handedly after denying to the Doktora's face that she and Kho were lovers. Secondly, she can’t believe how stupid she was for having fallen for someone as despicable like Kho. Thirdly, now her parents are probably beating themselves up wondering whether they passed on the stupid gene to this child. (She has gone to the NBI to seek help what case she can file against her erstwhile lovah.)

Now you have some loud-mouth legislator who can’t keep even his own porker in his pants ranting about the issue and trying to play savior to the downtrodden, calling even Kho a "maniac." A case of the pot calling the kettle black? Magtigil ka na nga jan. Sige ka isumbong kita ke Peachy. Este, ke Lani pala.

'Nuff said.


unome said...

i think you're the only sane, sober, lucid voice in all this din... my sentiments, exactly. well put!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is one of the best in your country... It is very insightful and postings such as this really make a lot of sense... Keep it up...

Stella Arnaldo said...

Thanks Pangs, thanks Anonymous 8:43 am.

Have a fruitful week ahead! :)