May 29, 2009

Great Book Blockade revisited

JUST for everyone's perusal, here's the order from the Department of Finance suspending the tax on books. It's by no means permanent, as the DOF is still finalizing the guidelines on book importation. But for the moment, I think everyone can rest easy and go buy their books at their usual prices. (Of course, if the peso devaluates, it will raise the prices of our books, which is another matter completely.)

Here's a shout out to the bloggers and journalists who made a ruckus about the issue, and especially to my former boss and a book lover himself, Makati Rep. Teddyboy Locsin, who bent the ear of the presidentita on this one.

Shouldn't we applaud GMA as well? Hmmm...let's see the final guidelines first.

DOF Order 27-09 Suspending Book Tax
Thanks to Finance Secretary Gary Teves' PR crew at Great Wall Advertising for emailing us a copy of the DO.

Manolo Quezon's take on the issue. Many think that the fight isn't over yet.

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