May 14, 2009

My God she's so big!

I muttered under my breath. About 15 minutes later, while still watching the same movie, I said the same thing, "gads she's so big." I repeated this about two more times, unintentionally, like a broken record. I would assume the person beside me in the cinema wanted to slap me already. OK, you all know who I'm talking about right?

In my old newspaper, the lifestyle section published an interviewed w/ Sharon Cuneta, about 60 lbs lighter, I would guess. The gang told me later that Sharon had chainsmoked all throughout their interview but insisted that they not photograph her w/ cigarette in hand. I suppose it had to do w/ keeping her sweet image. (And btw, she really is sweet. Not the saccharine fake type but genuinely nice and sincerely sweet daw. And despite not having finished college, Sharon is amazingly well-read, w/c delighted Ms. G., a big reader herself. She impressed me some more after I watched her on CNBC's Bernie Lo's show and they talked about her investment skills. Wow, megastar na, financial whiz pa!)

So while I was watching her new comedy flick "BFF" this afternoon, co-starring the amazing Ai-Ai delas Alas, I thought, "Did Ate Shawie quit smoking?" I could not believe how large she's ballooned into. I thought smokers always had the tiniest waistlines! This is unfortunate really, because Ate Shawie is one of those artistas w/ actually pleasant faces you don't get tired of looking at. Or probably she really isn't that big but you know how being oncam adds about 10 lbs. to any person.

Anyhoo, the reason I watched BFF was bec. ABS-CBN News said it would be the first onscreen teamup of Ate Shawie w/ someone in her past. O sige na, obvious ba it's Gabby Concepcion. Sympre na-excited ako. Ms. G. also told me that the film was actually funny. Of course, I said, it also stars Ai-Ai, whose Ina Mo films I always watched and enjoyed bec. they're stupid hilarious.

The plot of BFF is a twist on the Playboy Husband w/ Wife and 3 kids has a Querida plot. I will spare you the details in case you still want to watch the film. Having watched Ai-Ai's films, however, w/c were usually a laugh-a-minute, I found BFF rather slow in its comedy riffs. Too many long boring periods where I just shifted in my seat waiting for the next gag. And the ending is kinda a letdown. Ate Shawie and you-know-who weren't even in the same scene/screen together! Kainez. My kilig moment was short-lived.

BFF is not a total waste of time, although personally, now that I've seen it, I should've waited for the pirated DVD nalang. But it does have a few really good punchlines. Ai-Ai, of course, is really the star here bec. her comedic timing can't be matched. And Ate Shawie, despite her hugeness, is such a great sport to use her weight as a constant gag. So, Megastar pa rin! Oh yeah, Gabby still looks gwapo! Sigh.

Btw, I found the fan page of Ate Shawie where I think her fez was super photoshopped. Click here. Fabulous jawline, noh?

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