May 20, 2009

Who'll win American Idol Season 8?

(Adam Lambert photo from the Huffington Post.)

I THINK glam rocker Adam Lambert is it. The kid has terrific pipes on him, and has been consistently brilliant in his performances. He can twist any song any which way to make unusual covers of the original, and with that wide vocal range, will surely be a commercial hit whether or not he wins this contest. (I can imagine Simon Cowell counting the millions of dollars in his head if he ever gets a hand on Adam's career.)

Adam has a flair for the theatrics which turns off some viewers, but I think the kid has style. He's the bomb I tell ya. When he sang his own version of Cher's Believe, boy, everyone sure sit up straight and took notice. Amazing!

Kris Allen, on the other hand, is a cute singer with a nice voice, though not as strong as Adam's. He's like the cuddly puppy at the foot of your bed, loveable but clearly, will not bring in the bucks for any record company. His performances are far too forgettable. I don't remember any of the songs he sang. And seriously, there are far too many more talented acoustic singers than Kris, some of whom are in the Philippines. (Ever hear Chickoy Pura's acoustic version of Joe Jackson's Steppin' Out? Awesome!)

(Kris Allen photo from Riosoriano07.)

According to Dial Idol, the web site that claims to have been able to accurately predict the past seasons' AI winners, it's a close call between Adam and Kris but it puts the latter ahead in the voting by a mere one percentage point. Dial Idol supposedly measures the busy signal of the voting lines of the contestants to predict the winner. Unfortunately this doesn't measure the text votes cast. So hopefully, more texters were busy voting for Adam.

Who should be voted off the show really is that new judge Kara DioGuardia. Talks too much. And super OA. Come on, there can be only one OA Queen on that show and that's Paula! Haha. Btw, that was a lousy song DioGuardia composed for the finale performance show - houses and mountains and whatnot. Ngek.

I'll try to wake up by 8 am to catch the season finale. Exciting!

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