May 28, 2009

Important news we missed while we were glued to the Hayden-Katrina faceoff

1. RP has now 10 H1N1 cases

Scary. Wash your hands well!

2. RP economy ‘teetering toward recession’

But I think we'll be okay this year. Spoke w/ some businessmen recently; the second quarter results look promising. You know what the Chinese say: "Crisis means opportunity."

3. BSP cuts interest rates

Well, if you think the interest rates on your savings accounts were too low, this move will cut them further. Even if you go to higher-yielding deposit instruments like SDA's or 5-yr tax-free special savings accounts, your interest rates will be eaten up by inflation.

4. Navy whistleblower Gadian surfaces at CA hearing

I hope Gadian's safety is well-secured. You know what happened to the other whistleblowers in the military.

5. Arroyo: There will be elections in 2010

Of course, we don't believe her. And looks like there's trouble in paradise as the Kampi head Luis Villafuerte was absent at the merger announcement this morning. He has resigned from the party in protest of the merger. Even former Phil. president Fidel V. Ramos, chairman emeritus of the Lakas-CMD party, was nowhere to be found. (Sick daw.)

According to broadcaster Ricky Carandang, the new merged party's name is PaLaKa. Hahahaha!

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