May 08, 2009

This is the silliest thing yet to come out of GSIS

Click this. (Reposted from MLQ III)

THIS is how we journalists do our work. We bring tape recorders to ensure that we get all quotes in our interviews precisely. It is a little tedious transcribing the tape, but most of us still lug those things around for backup, in case the interviewee later denies he said any of those things we published in the paper.

Whenever I do an interview, I also ask permission of the interviewee and ask him/her if he could allow me to tape the interview. Most of the time they agree, as I also explain to them that it is for their protection. It's important that we get all what he/she said correctly. And if he/she wishes, just tell me when when some information is off the record, and in that case, I shall dutifully switch off the recorder.

I dunno what exactly happened between Che-Che Lazaro, PROBE, and GSIS vice president Ella Valencerina in their interview, but I know that she is a good journalist, very respectable, and someone who does her homework. As for the GSIS, well, I'm sure there are still some respectable people there too, but its current leadership doesn't exacty inspire confidence.

When a government official or any company executive is asked to give his or the agency/company's side of the issue presented before them, he not only owes it to his own establishment to do so, but it is simply good PR. Saying "No Comment" to a journalist is the last thing you ever want to do. It is tantamount to admitting you are guilty.

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