May 21, 2009

'A night of surprises'

WITH that statement, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest opened today's season finale, and which I thought sounded ominous enough. I had read all the analysis last night of who might win, many columnists and bloggers also thinking it would be Adam Lambert, because of his fantastic vocal range, style, and consistent performances almost at par with most professionals. He had the IT factor, which unfortunately, most Americans didn't see, or refused to acknowledge. Well, this is why sometimes, democracy sucks, haha. Majority rules but is the majority correct?

No doubt about it, even the AI producers and judges were rooting for Adam. The show needed a star to make it current and relevant again. It had been losing out in terms of audience. Only a handful of the previous season's winners actually made good records w/c were commercial successes. The ones who have been breaking out were the losers like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry.

(Adam Lambert is still my American Idol. Photo from AI web site.)

But then, Americans love the underdog. And bec. of all the fawning the AI judges and producers did over Adam, they made Kris the dark horse in the competition. Okay vocals, but no star power. As I said, he had forgettable performances. Now that the finale show is over, I don't even remember what he sang, and I don't think it's bec. I have another senior moment.

If you look at the finalists, Danny Gokey (who I thought was a more memorable and stronger performer than Kris) is the most similar in style to Kris. Cool, laidback, cute next-door type guys. Being voted out however, one would wonder who Gokey's supporters would be voting for next. The logical choice is of course someone closest to him in terms of performance, who is Kris.

Also, you can't discount the Christian fundamentalists' vote. Kris being a church leader, family man, looking oh-so-angelic, was pitted against the flamboyant and possibly gay theater performer Adam. (Someone just had to put out the photos of Adam tongue-kissing other men.) As was so evident in the vote on gay marriages, the Christian right has been working overtime to make sure their platform on values and moral issues are heard loudly. Kris, to his credit, said in an earier interview that he didn't want this to be a religious vote but a vote on who's the best singer. Ah well, Kris, you're definitely not the best singer but God seems to love you.

No matter, Adam Lambert fans, we all know who's the real star and who's gonna make the actual bucks. I can't wait what he'll do next. I see Broadway for him and several records. Adam is IT.

P.S. Great show btw, w/ performers like Fergie and the Black-eyed Peas, Rod Stewart, KISS, Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Ritchie and even Steve Martin playing his banjo and debuting a cute country ditty w/ two AI S08 singers. Now that was cute.

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