October 21, 2009

Entrepreneurship 101 from Manny Villar

"Subdivisions in Las Piñas not owned by the Villars are celebrating. The reason, they are now freed from Villar's water company with the entry of Maynilad. Unfortunately for the people who live in Camella, they will have to continue paying for high water rates. Villar refused to allow Maynilad to service his subdivisions. Maynilad's rates are way below what Villar's water company charges its subscribers. He clearly does know how to put his interests above that of the public." (Read more here. Repost from Manolo)

Sipag, tiyaga, at manggulang ng kapwa. Yan si Manny Villar.


Anonymous said...

too quick to judge eh...

flip lang ang naniniwala sa nga kwentong ganito... ni hindi man lang nag-research kung totoo ba talaga.

Stella Arnaldo said...

Yeah, and I'm very sure you have a logical explanation why Villar is the way he is. Btw, pls tell him his "galing sa mahirap" storyline is getting way too old.