October 01, 2009

This made me laugh!

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Volunteer or Donate:

8. Yuck, make tapak in the putik? Kadiri, noh.


3. You can’t live without your daily Starbucks.
(Php100 x 30 = Php3000 / Php23.00 (per 1.5L bottle of mineral water) = 500 bottles of water, enough to properly hydrate a four-member family for one month) (Click GannsDeen for the rest. Repost from MLQ3)

Ganns, this is brilliant. I didn't think Christian bloggers could be funny, haha. I hope you find work on Dave Letterman's show. (wink)

As for #3, I can add a few more variations, like, "you can't live without a new Chanel bag" or "you can't live without your Loro Piana chinchilla-trimmed long coat" or "you can't live without your Christian Louboutins." (Da who?!) Cringe-worthy!

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ganns said...

Hi Stella! Thank you for the repost. I appreciate it very much, and hope it achieves its purpose. :)

LOL Christian Louboutins LOL