October 16, 2009

My new guilty pleasure

IF you like exceptionally creative musical arrangements of your favorite songs, excellent dance choreography, and well, screwed up teen-agers w/ lots of attitude, you must watch Glee. A lot of critics compare it to High School Musical, but trust me, Glee is so much better.

It's about a teacher trying to revive his old high school's glee club while trying to inspire each member to shine to his/her fullest potential. Each glee club member brings his and her own musical flavor to the group, not to mention their attendant problems w/ their peers, family and teachers. While some of the plots aren't exactly original (e.g. married male teacher attracted to female colleague, or overachiever girl falls in love w/ football star who has a girlfriend, a cheerleader of course!), the musical performances every episode are so enjoyable to watch.

Like, I didn't even know I liked Journey until I heard Glee's arrangement of Don't Stop Believin'. The video isn't available on YouTube but you can watch it here. I loved this arrangement so much I made it my ringtone.

This episode features Kurt, the gay character, playing on the football team, and making a score as a place kicker. How he does it, well, you just watch:

Glee is on every Monday at 10 pm on the ETC channel (Skycable Ch. 16). Of course, you can download each week's episode via your favorite torrent host (wink). Oh, did I mention that it's funny as hell? ;p

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