October 10, 2009

From victims to survivors

(Photo from Ajay's Writings on the Wall.)

“We facilitate and help them articulate their feelings and try to organize their thoughts. We don’t push any advice; we stay away from giving advice. At the onset, we let them express their thoughts and their situation, because it helps clarify things in their mind. When they are clarified, this helps them explore ways to rebuild their lives,” Wendell explained.

It is true, he said, in times of trauma and disaster, sometimes all that the survivors need is someone to listen to them. “Listening to them is important. Initially, they are confused and their thoughts are cluttered. When things are finally clear in their mind, some of them nanggaling na sa kanila what to do next. And it’s better when that happens, when they figure out for themselves how to move on.” (Click Something Like Life for the rest.)

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