October 04, 2009

God didn't have anything to do w/ the Ondoy tragedy

THE flooding from Typhoon Ondoy happened, because of poor urban planning and our polluted esteros. There were many victims from the flood, because the gov't was inept, and didn't mount any rescue efforts until it was too late. The typhoon happened, because typhoons are a natural occurence in this part of the world. It's intensity is blamed on Climate Change, again, not God's doing but ours. Our burning of fossil fuels contributes to global pollution and greenhouse gases.

No. The Ondoy tragedy happened not bec. God got mad as there are so many sinners in the Philippines. Our God is no longer of the Old Testament - an angry God - who sends great floods to cleanse the earth of bad people. Or turns sinners into pillars of salt.The God of the New Testament is a loving God. It is His continuing devotion to us - despite our trespasses - that has inspired many of us to help our brothers and sisters who've lost their family, friends, and homes bec. of Ondoy.

It is God who encourages us to be better Christians by loving our fellow men. This tragedy is an opportunity for us all to show Him why we are so deserving of his continuing affection.

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Here's an insightful piece about urban planning from PDI's Lifestyle section:

"If there is anything or anyone to be blamed for the flooding in Metro Manila, these are the inhabitants. Domestic garbage has obviously taken over the drainage system. We must learn to dispose of our garbage properly." (Click Don't blame God for the rest.)

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