September 01, 2008

As if we didn't have any other problems...

Bushy eyebrows are back

By Emili Vesilind
Los Angeles Times

STEP away from the tweezers. The tapered, pin-thin eyebrows you’ve been meticulously sculpting every week since the ’90s are looking about as dated as a Menudo T-shirt. Call it recession chic (visiting a brow specialist suddenly feels so indulgent), or further proof that we’re moving toward a less coiffed—even grungy—era in fashion. But bushy brows are back for fall in a big way.

Think Brooke Shields in her skin-tight Calvin Klein jeans, with those thick, healthy arches that veiled smoldering eyes. Only now, it’s Hilary Rhoda who’s the model of the moment, with her considerable brows and all-American good looks. (Click here for the rest.)

(My carefully tweezed and sculpted eyebrows.)

For sure, I'd be the last one riding on this fashion bandwagon. I've plucked far longer than any of you who probably weren't even around yet when Michael Jackson was still dark (he btw, recently celebrated his 50th birthday supposedly by eating cake and watching cartoons with his kids), so some of my eyebrow hairs actually have not grown back. So even if I wanted to get them all bushed up, I'd probably have to wait it out for a year. By then, the trend will probably be over.

Of course, I could use some eyebrow pencil to fill it all in, but to me, it looks fake. Then I also think having bushier eyebrows would make me look always angry, or perhaps insane (more than I usually am). I love my thin eyebrows because it brightens up my face and through the years, I've actually gotten a lot of compliments about them. So I think I'm gonna stick with my bush, errr, I mean my brows.

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