September 18, 2008

Guess who's going to the States after all?

SO the Presidentita has decided to go to New York after all to speak before the United Nations General Assembly. Sure you can argue your eyeballs out why it's an important forum and all, but that's why we have Ambassadors, a Foreign Secretary, and other Cabinet Secretaries or diplomats to make the Philippines' case be heard. That's their job. Now that the global financial system is being shaken to its knees, I think it's more important that the Presidentita stay here to give an image of calm and stability to us Filipinos, dontcha think?

My bet is she's having a heart-to-heart with former AIG chair Hank Greenberg to consult him what to do w/ her own personal investments after the financial bloodbath in New York. Greenberg, as you all know, is an "adviser" to the Presidentita, supposedly to guide her administration on its economic policies. Kuno.

And of course, there is that sale at Barneys. (Well, hell yeah, the Christian Loubotins are down to $300!)

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