September 25, 2008

I have only this to say...


Animo La Salle pa rin!

(Animoism photo from

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OKAY, okay, sige na nga, I got too emotional there. I just soooo wanted to see a Game 3 (and I'm sure, so did the advertisers, and the Araneta Group). But we lost...sob. The Atenistas played a good game, their defense was solid, not to mention they had great shooting from former heartthrob Chris Tiu. (Former kasi parang nasimsim na ni MVP ang bango niya at muka na syang lantang gulay...joke!)

But I also have a beef with the referee for sending Rico Maierhoffer – who usually scores with a lot of baskets – out of the game. I was watching the replay of the finger (or non-finger) he was supposed to have held up but there was just no clear evidence of that. That and JV Casio sitting it out in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter after reaching the limit of his fouls just put way too much pressure on the remaining players.

Anyway, we'll be back next year and we'll get that title, right La Sallians? Go Green Archers!


Mrs. G said...

This made my day!!!

I'm an Atenean but the Mike Arroyo is an Atenean joke is soooo funny.

Stella Arnaldo said...

Thanks Mrs. G. Hey I like your blog...even if you are an Atenean hehe :)

Thanks for dropping by.