September 08, 2008

Palin eyeframes by Kawasaki

SO I've been going on and on about how I just luuurv those eyeglasses of Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin. I don't necessarily agree with her politics but my, my, this woman has apparently created a fashion trend in the U.S. because now, every American woman — Democrat or Republican — wants Palin's eyeframes.

Well, it turns out, those rimless titanium specs were made by industrial designer Kazuo Kawasaki and cost about $375 (roughly P17,250) for the frame alone. (Oof! even the rimless Roberto Cavalli frame I had been coveting from an online optical shop only a few months ago cost only $290.) Sigh...the price one must pay for great fashion. BTW, Palin's frames are from the Kawasaki 704 series which have really cool choices for its temples.

(Sarah Palin's eyeglass frames by Kazuo Kawasaki from the 704 series. Photo from Vision Glasses)

Check out this feature from ABC News' Good Morning America. They're calling Palin's eyewear "the new pantsuit."
* * * *

NOW, this is interview with five of Sarah Palin's closest pals. Only one of them has categorically stated that she is voting for the Alaska governor as Vice President.

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