September 01, 2008

And the winners are...

I PICKED up a newspaper today and actually read it (well just the main pages and business section)...a change from my usual habit of reading the news on the web. While it's more efficient to read newspapers online, sometimes you do miss nice bits and good photos.

And not to mention, the print ads. If I didn't pick up the paper this morning I wouldn't know who the winners were of MasterCard's latest cool gadgets giveaway promo:

Amable VR Aguiluz (Apple MacBook Pro--oooh, I envy you! and a Nokia N95), Victoria Garchitorena (Nokia N95), David Guerrero (Nokia N95), Harry C. Tan Sr. (Nokia N95), Inigo Zobel (Nokia N95), and Ambrosio Jay Velilla Padilla (Sony Cybershot 10.1MP camera).

Anyone sound family, hehe? Congratulations to the winners.

* * * *

Dang, if I only knew there was a promo (see, that's what you miss out when you read the news online), I could've used my MasterCard. Then again, I'm not one who swipes like crazy just because I want to buy something. I have about 4 credit cards, two of them Platinum and one Gold. And yet I keep being sent new ones, which I cut up since I don't need any more in this lifetime.

Especially these days, when interest rates are moving up, I use my cards rather prudently. I only bring them when I travel abroad, but keep one in my wallet for emergencies (not shopping emergencies ha, but real ones like for medicines or hospitals, etc.). I still believe that cash is king. And if you can't afford to pay for your purchases in cash, then you can't afford it. Period.

Of course some bring credit cards so they don't have to bring lots of cash around (or so they claim). In the personal finance stories I write, I always advice paying for the entire amount on your billing statement, if you use your credit card often. That way, you don't get buried underneath your debts.

But it's very easy to get your wallet picked as well with all those credit cards lying in it...then that's even more of a headache cancelling all your credit cards and requesting for new ones. Araykow.


Anonymous said...

ava ava ava this true? vago na ang look and i luv the new look! lovely and easier on the eyes..yung lang pow!

Stella Arnaldo said...

Mucho thanks siz! At first I thought you meant my eyebrows, hahaha, the blog pala. There are so many nicer and newer blogger templates on the web (not here on Blogger mismo), but I'm scared to use them baka my old posts would disappear! Anyway, oks naman this one anu? The simpler the better.

Btw, saw a lot of your old ghel frens last Friday during the Ejap GA. Kwento later. Mwah!