September 09, 2008

Soooo inggit!

MAY I just say right now that I had a ticket to the George Benson and Al Jarreau concert last night c/o Pangs. I am a super fan of Al Jarreau (if you hear him sing "Spain", you will never have any other favorite singer...grabeh ang galeng!), and I was desperate until last Friday for some tickets. Benson was the epitome of the cool jazz guitarist in his younger days, but became more famous as an R&B singer with hits like "This Masquerade", which won him a Grammy. (Earl Klugh nasan ka na?)

Trouble was, I had already agreed to go to the Plains and Prints event at the Edsa Shangri-La Mall which was held at the same time as the concert, just as the rain was pouring in torrents. I didn't think we'd get the tickets so I asked my other friends Ms. RP and Sis to get together for the fashion show at P&P where Rajo Laurel's designs would be featured. (Sorry, I was late so no pics.) So when Pangs called, I had no choice but to let my ticket go. Grrr.

And now I'm so super inggit because Chuvaness not only enjoyed the concert but bumped into Adel Tamano as well! Waaaah! Yeah ghelfrens, if I knew Adel was gonna be at the concert I would drop youse like a hot potato. Hehe, joke. Hindi naman. Pero I've had this guy on my radar (my ate is also a big fan of his...get well soon Gina!) even before he started speaking in public, and oh my, he is the quintessential mabango-looking guy that gheys often fantasize about. Sorry Ace, taob ka ni Adel. Hottie alert! (Question: Doesn't it make you feel a tad ancient when all your crushes are now younger than you? Tsk, tsk.)

Anyhoo here's Adel's photo which I "stole" from Chuvaness' blog to comfort me. Thanks Cecile. (Geez, now I know why I needed to scarf down that Skolatina from Cyma last night!)

And yeah, I agree, 80's music was sooo just gave us the best themes to our often drama-filled parang-pelikula lives in our youth. But boy weren't those days fun?

Hmm...I wonder if Adel's gonna watch the Petula Clark concert? "When you're alone and life is making you lonely you can always go - downtown..."

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