September 16, 2008

Survey na wala lang

BBC survey suggests Pinoys prefer Obama over McCain
09/16/2008 | 07:49 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Barack Obama will win the presidency if he is running in the Philippines, or in 21 other countries, results of a poll recently conducted by BBC World Service suggest.

The September 9 poll, done by BBC with Makati City-based firm M&S-Sigma Dos Philippines, Inc, showed that 46 percent of the Filipino adult respondents in the National Capital Region “would favor Barack Obama as president of the US." Only 22 percent of the respondents would pick John McCain.

Almost four of 10 Filipinos or 39 percent of the respondents “believe America’s relations with the rest of the world would improve if Obama were to be elected." Seventeen percent believe US relations with the world won’t change under an Obama presidency, while six percent of Filipinos “say they would worsen." (Click here for the rest.)

UNFORTUNATELY, we can't vote in the U.S. elections in November, unlike Filipino immigrants, most of whom are apparently swinging towards a McCain presidency. I've spoken with a number of older generation Fil-Ams who don't like Obama primarily because "he's black", he's "a Muslim" daw because his middle name is Hussein, and because he didn't pick Sen. Hillary Clinton as his running mate. Ahhh, e, i, o, u.

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