November 14, 2008

Airlines respond to growing demand for online bookings

ALL over the world, major international airlines are responding to the growing demand for customers booking and paying for their tickets via the Internet, and are, thus, beefing up their online-transaction capabilities by redesigning and offering promotions on their respective web sites.

All representatives of airlines interviewed for this piece—Philippine Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines and Northwest Airlines— also predict stronger growth in Internet bookings, especially in Asia and the Pacific as computer penetration and usage rise.

Todd Anderson, director for marketing and distribution of the Minneapolis-based Northwest Airlines, said in a telephone interview that for Asia-Pacific, the reservations made via its web site ( “generally vary by market and by country…between 2 percent and 35 percent [with Singapore on the higher end of the scale]” accounting for total bookings by the airline. The rest of the bookings are made via travel agents and general service agents (i.e. accredited ticket agents).

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