November 22, 2008

National embarrassments

DONTCHA just hate it?

We have a President who forces the President-elect of the United States to acknowledge her existence by calling him not once, but twice! and goes all the way to Chicago to get a meeting, only to be brushed off.

Then her husband embarrasses himself by overeating steak on a flight to Peru, then getting diarrhea daw, thus, forcing the chartered presidential plane to land in Osaka!

A KSP (kulang sa pansin) and a glutton...gads, what an embarrassment the both of you are for us Filipinos! Juice ko Lord, have you no mercy on us?

* * * *

It never ceases to surprise me how much of a cold-hearted b**ch the Presidentita really is.

Just check out the AP photos: the First Gentleman has his eyes closed, being wheeled into an ambulance, and the Presidentita is seated at the side, looking very pissed at this inconvenience. Even at the hospital, the Presidentita looked constipated instead of concerned over her husband. Gads, have you no heart woman?!

* * * *

Okay, okay, someone just nudged me that Presidentita's face is all botoxed up, that's why it doesn't show any emotion. Remember her "I am sorry" video on the Hello Garci scandal?

Sya, sige na nga.

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grumpyurbanslacker said...

this post really made me laugh out loud! :D quite true!