November 09, 2008

That Narciso Rodriguez dress

THIS is the original dress of Narciso Rodriguez:

(Via NYT/AP)

And this is what Michelle Obama wore on Victory Night at Grant Park:

(Photo via

The dress looked great on the model. It looked hideous on Mrs. Obama. Her hips and thighs look way too huge. Ugh, very unflattering. Maybe she shouldn't have tampered w/ the original design no? Because now that I've seen the original on the model, I actually love the dress and would want wear it myself...IF I had a model's figure! haha

And maybe Mrs. Obama should've lost that sweater. I mean, if you are going to wear something daring, then do it all the way. Perhaps Mrs. Obama first thought that the dress looked fabulous on her, then had second thoughts bec. it could just be too bold for Victory Night, so she decided to wear the black sweater to take it down a notch. The result. Ick. Maybe if she had worn heels, the look would have been much improved.

Okay, we all have our off days. At least we know Mrs. Obama is human.

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