November 09, 2008

Why leaving home is a good thing

Something Like Life
Nov. 7, 2008

WHENEVER I’m asked to write magazine pieces advising young people on how to save up or build a nest egg for their eventual retirement, I always like to joke that the best way to pinch pennies is to keep staying with your parents until they throw you out. Being Filipinos, of course, we are all secure with the fact that such a situation will never arise. Our parents just love us too much.

I’ve always admired the resolve of American parents to encourage their children to leave their nests once the latter reach 18 years of age. This is one of the American values I’d like Filipinos to emulate the most, that of teaching their young how to be independent, productive citizens of their country.

Most Americans view people living with their parents past 18 as pathetic and weak. It’s like if you still live with your parents, you are considered a failure. Some news stories do show a trend, however, of young Americans returning to their parents’ homes because they can no longer afford their own. But that’s another story. (Click here for the rest.)

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