November 09, 2008

Enough already!

CAN the presidentita's minions just shut up already about Barack Obama? So she got snubbed. Not once, not twice, but three times. Once when she was in New York and Obama was running his campaign elsewhere; the second time when she called him after he won the U.S. presidential elections and he never returned her call; and again a third time, according to deputy presidential spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo. The presidentita's calls have yet to be returned. (Geez, how dense can a person be? Obama doesn't want to speak w/ you, GMA, get it?)

Revealing that, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said our presidentita and the U.S. President-elect already have an understanding on issues:

"With reference to a letter to President Arroyo on June 24, 2008, during the [her] last working visit to the United States, President-elect Obama outlined issues and concerns for collaboration between the Philippines and the United States hinged on a "partnership that makes progress on 21st century challenges," Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said.

He said the these issues include climate change, food security, poverty reduction, the future of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, human rights in Burma and defense reform.

"President-elect Obama expressed confidence in successfully addressing these challenges," Ermita said.

He added that in the letter, Obama cited the "shared history" between the US and the Philippines. (The rest here)

(Poor presidentita...still waiting for Obama to call her back. Photo from ABS-CBN News.)

Gads can't these guys just quit? Talking about Obama constantly makes the snub even cut deeper dontcha think? I mean, forget it already. He snubbed the presidentita, so move on to other issues. He probably has a very good reason why he doesn't want to talk to her. (We know why, but she's still living in some parallel universe where she thinks people love her.)

If the guy doesn't wanna talk to you, no amount of preening for the media and propaganda will make your phone ring, anu? Tigilan na ang kahibangan na 'yan!

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limahong said...

what a joke this pandak think obama will call her back from a low class third world country. no honor no class.