November 03, 2008

Sen. John McCain on SNL/The Obama Ad

(I think 'The Sad Grandpa' would work best hehe. Poor guy, he really sounds desperate na.)

McCain has good comic timing, too bad that the material written for him last Saturday was not that funny. I think SNL writers gave their everything for the Palin episode and had not much juice left for McCain.

Palin 2012? LOL! More like Tina Fey 2012! This woman is just awesome.

* * * *

ON a more somber note, here's Barack Obama's much-talked "American Stories" ad.

I dunno why but I think my cynicism has taken over again. When I first watched this ad, I was affected by the 'real life' stories of the 'ordinary Americans' featured. Now I'm a bit bothered by the apparent slickness of it all. It brings an undercurrent of fear into the picture, that if you don't vote for Obama, kawawa naman all these people in the ad, they will lose their jobs.

It portrays Obama as having the answer to everything. He says the right things you, as a voter, would want to hear from a candidate. And if you pay particular attention to New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's endorsement, Obama is just the most perfect presidential candidate ever.

Obama has run a great, very emotional campaign. He sounds very sincere and he has touched a lot of hearts w/ his message of change and hope. Now my brain is just telling me there's something terribly amiss w/ him (aside from his cigarette smoking). Or maybe I'm just overanalyzing.

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