November 04, 2008

Goodbye Dubya!

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AMERICANS go to the polls starting tonight (Nov. 4 morning in the U.S.) to vote for their next president. Whoever wins (of course I'm still rooting for Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama), that will be the end of Dubya. Thank God!

George W. Bush has led the U.S. into becoming probably the most reviled nation on earth with its foreign policy missteps (what can you expect from someone who's never traveled abroad until he became president?), and with his economic mismanagement, has made his oil friends richer, while pushing many Americans out of their homes.

Goodbye Dubya, you will not be missed. (Well okay, maybe David Letterman, Jon Stewart, SNL, and all the late-night comics would.)

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Btw, playing now on HBO is the Kevin Spacey/Dennis Leary-starrer Recount, a dramatization of events w/c took place during the Florida 2000 recount. It's very timely because it shows how the American democratic system actually failed the American voters because of the fallibility of the people in power tasked to implement their laws and regulations. The U.S. Supreme Court eventually intervened in the recount and gave the election to Dubya. (Tsk, tsk, I wonder if the SC justices managed to sleep well at night throughout the 8 years of Dubya's term.)

Of course, Fate has a funny and sometimes cruel way of working things out for everyone's good. Former VP Albert Gore Jr. may have lost his bid for the White House but won an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize for his environmental work. So there.

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Anonymous said...

There aren't enough words in the English language to properly describe my hatred of George Dubya Bush. Dubya you will NOT be missed, you are the most foul evil thing to ever crawl out of a sewar pipe and I will never forgive you for allowing so many people to die on 9/11, you are a murderer, coward, bigot, racist, and I loath you along with your over-medicated wife and your drunken twins.

January 20,2009 can't come soon enough for me- GOODBYE DUBYA!!!!