November 14, 2008

Senate hearing on the fertilizer fund scam

FINALLY Joke-Joke Bolante makes an appearance at the Senate reconvening to re-investigate the P728-milllion fertilizer fund scam.

People note how Mr. Bolante's tone and demeanor have changed from one who usually goes around strutting and making sure people know who is boss, to one so meek and mild as a mouse. (BP 140/overacting pa din!) (He has been described by those who know him as "cargante", a braggart, and someone who will jump at the chance to lash out at his staff or subordinates. They say the grilling by the Senators yesterday was suffering already for him.)

Noticeable also how he stammered and stumbled on even easy questions like the true nature of his "illness" and who recommended him to his position as U/Sec finance of DA), an indication that he is lying. Of course we all knew he was going to cover up the role of the presidentita in this scam. After being holed up at St. Luke's for a week, I'm pretty sure FG Mike's lawyer drilled into Joke-Joke that he better testify that her royal smallness didn't have anything to do w/ the sordid affair.

And all these Senators talking their heads off, will something come out of these hearings other than new sound bites for the TV/radio news? (Thank you Sen. Santiago for making our day as usual.)

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