August 13, 2009

Chillax muna!

OKAY, we're all worked up again bec. of this latest dining scandal of the presidentita. We need to relax a little before our blood pressures do us in. Thankfully, I stumbled on to this tune while listening to my favorite online lounge radio station. It's called Face of Beauty by Lovers Lane. And I just love it because there are voiceovers that mention Boracay. So I searched for it on YouTube hoping to find a video.

This is especially dedicated to my buddy, Pangs (aka Kasabad), who has been hyperventilating again over his presidentita's dining escapades, and a few other issues I am not at liberty to discuss here. So okay, altogether now...breathe in, breathe out, and click!

Btw, Lovers Lane is composed of Ansgar Üffink (aka Vargo) and Bruno Lepretre (aka DJ Bruno, official DJ of the sunset bar Café Del Mar in Ibiza). The original mix can be heard on the duo's Island Memories CD. These guys know their beaches, that's for sure.

According to nmolff, another guy who posted the same song on YouTube: "while on a gig in boracay on the phillipines, bruno recorded some natives talking on the beach and put that in the song. roughly translated, it says: 'the face of beauty appears in every step, every sunrise, every ray of sun that kisses my face.'"

(Lovers Lane is Ansgar Üffink and Bruno Lepretre. Aren't they cute? Photo from

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