August 12, 2009

Let them eat steak!

NOW I'm the one getting a heartburn! But can you blame me? I can't stop laughing after reading one more stupidity from this glorious administration. Check this out: Two big meals. (Repost from MLQ3 via FB)

Of course, this meal wasn't as bad as Le Cirque's ($230/pax vs $740/pax at Le Cirque is no contest), but I'm just amused how all these stories of her dining pleasures are now coming to fore. I'm guessing the Pinoys behind the counter are the ones ratting out the presidentita.

Well, she wished for the foreign media's coverage. Now she's got it.

Btw, if you can guess who the woman w/ the handbag was, maybe I'll give you a prize.

(UPDATE 7:43 pm)
Here's the same thing in the New York Post. My what a frenzy the presidentita has caused among the US media. Now they're trying to outdo each other in reporting about her eating habits. haha.

In the meantime, here's Barack Obama eating at a fast food joint again:

Now who was the idiot who said if we expected the presidentita to eat at a hot dog stand only in New York? Haller? Has this idiot ever gone to New York before this trip w/ his boss? Eating at a hot dog stand is what many New Yorkers do. Excuse me, even celebrities and VIPs do it. Go ask Mayor Bloomberg and Donald Trump, gago. Hay, que horror! The presidentita should really get a new apologist!


Anonymous said...

I am almost certain that the "bagwoman" is no other than Ms. M**y P*b***o*? Ooooh, what's my prize? :-)

Stella Arnaldo said...

Haha. Send me your real name and address - dapat Philippines ha! - and let's see what I have in my Secosana bag for you. hehe