August 19, 2009

Let's take a break!

POLITICS is such a bitch no? And especially if you're talking about the stuff that goes on here in the Philippines, you'll likely get a coronary.

I try to escape once in awhile by watching TV or my newly-downloaded episodes of my favorite shows (hurray, the new TV season has started in the States), or by going to the movie theater. Here are a few of my latest guilty pleasures:

Mad Men Season 3 (via EZTV)

(Jon Hamm as adman, Don Draper in Mad Men.)

To those who still aren't aware of this show, Mad Men is about the American advertising industry ("Mad" as in Madison Ave. where the ad firms where located) in the 1960s which was a turbulent time in the history of America. The ad industry at this time was also growing and becoming edgier in terms of concepts and ideas. w/c helped in the explosion of American consumerism.

The new season has started and the first episode, although not as punchy as the other episodes in its previous seasons, had some moments of excitement. Most notable was Sal's first almost gay sex encounter - ruined by a fire alarm though. Rats. Jon Hamm as Don Draper is gorgeous as usual. But what was up w/ that flashback to his childhood again? We get it already, Don is a tortured soul. Now move on and pick up the pace.

Entourage Season, Season 6 (via EZTV)

Based on the life of actor Mark Wahlberg, Entourage is the story of up-and-coming actor Vincent Chase and his childhood friends whose lives depend on his continued employment. The biggest change in the new season is that the storyline now seems to be revolving around E's sex life! I mean, who is the star here anyway? Isn't it supposed to be Vinnie Chase? And geez, that new girlfriend of E is just fugly and annoying!

Anyhoo, we still love Entourage bec. of Jeremy Piven's character Ari Gold who may be a pain in the ass especially to his gay asst. Lloyd, but he is morally upright at the core. (Imagine trash talking Ari frowning on his co-worker having an adulterous relationship with an agent at the office. Tsk, tsk.)

The Proposal (still showing in some theaters)

Yup, I just watched two days ago, and it wasn't a total waste of time and money, despite the warnings I got from my friends. To those who still haven't seen it, the plot revolves around Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock), a book editor who is about to be deported to Canada for some violation in her work visa. She decides to blackmail her asst. Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds), who is also a wanna-be novelist, into marrying her so she could become a U.S. citizen.

The film has a few clever snarky lines written and delivered w/ relish by Bullock and Reynolds. Margaret's interaction w/ Andrews' basically psycho and in-your-face family made the firm so laugh-worthy. Of course, seeing Reynolds and his hot bod also did add points to my enjoyment. Woof!

Gossip Girl (10 pm, Sat., ETC)

I never really liked the show but lately, I've been watching it to just give my brain a rest. I dunno what season is playing right now, and don't really care. It's just stupid and juvenile it actually is entertaining. I especially like Blair Waldorf and her silly dramas and revenge plotting. Of course, evil b**ch that I am, expect me to root for the student who manages to have a teacher fired haha.

Oh yeah, the show is about this group of basically spoiled rich brats who have petty little dramas and have equally screwed-up parents that don't make you wonder why the kids have ended up the way they are. Yep, take away the fashion, it does sound like your next door neighbor's family right? Haha.

Project Runway Philippines, Season 2 (Wed., 10 pm, ETC.)

The first episode was high camp (staged drama bet. a queen and a punk graphic artist) but it's still too early to tell who will win this contest. For now I like graphic artist Russell who has a youthful edgy style, which makes the outfits of the other contestants look boring. I just wish the designers who can't speak English well, just speak in Tagalog or whatever dialect they're most comfortable with.

But I'm happy to see some improvement among the hosts. For one, designer Jojie Lloren is now more articulate in his critiques. Aside from pointing out what's wrong with an outfit, he actually makes suggestions now what the designer can do. And yes! Apples Aberin now looks/sounds awake! Unfortunately, like the first season, the sound is still crappy. With Solar Entertainment's tons of cash, I can't for the life of me, comprehend why they can't use better sound recording equipment for the show.

TMZ (Tue-Sat. 11:30 pm, ETC.)

Unlike the format of most showbiz gossip shows, TMZ features lawyer/host Harvey Levin while his staff each pitch their stories of celebrities either caught on video or on photos. The ensuing discussions and side comments of Harvey and his staff on each showbiz item is what's mostly hilarious about this show. The discussions usually border on the silly what with the youthful personalities of the staff. I like the show also bec. it does manage to outscoop its rivals in celebrity news gathering and it's features don't patronize the showbiz personalities.

Chelsea Lately (Tue-Sat, 12 midnight, ETC.)

Chelsea Handler is a bitchy comedian who comments on current events and showbiz news in her trademark sarcastic wit She has a lot of help from her equally snarky panelists/guest co-hosts, most of whom are fellow comedians, w/c makes the show super-funny. (Btw, a regular is comedian Jo Koy is half-Filipino.) It's pure mayhem as they make fun of all these stupid celebrities or their antics. So far, most of Chelsea's celebrity guests are B- and C-listers but we hope she gets stars w/ higher wattage as more people become more aware of her comic genius. Oh, she has a Mexican midget sidekick Chuy whose presence alone make the show pure gas!

The Doctors (Lifestyle Network)

I'm not sure how often this show is on the Lifestyle Network except that I usually am able to catch it at around 12 midnight. (Tried to get the exact schedule on the Lifestyle Network's web site but no such info was available.) The Doctors feature four physicians with their own fields of specialization (a pediatrician, cosmetic surgeon, OB-Gyn, and ER doctor) and their daily topics are always interesting and highly informative. They also show medical procedures on camera w/c can make you cringe if you don't have a stronger stomach. I've learned a lot from this show. And yes, ER doc Dr. Travis Stork (and The Bachelor alumnus) does make the show oh-so-watchable :)

What about you guys? What do you do to relax from all the political chatter?

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that's season2 of gg. i luv that episode, where the small-towngurl/teacher in a big big city of ny got fired for messing up with the queen b...hahaha!