August 05, 2009

GMA visits Tita Cory's wake

AS to be expected, it was a bit awkward in the beginning. Sen. Noynoy Aquino was seated about a feet away from the visiting presidentita and you could see that they were waiting for each other to say something. But eventually, I suppose they both found some safe unpolitical items to discuss, and gradually, they warmed up to each other. We'll find out later in the day for sure, what they spoke about.

I had a feeling the presidentita would go straight to the wake upon landing in Manila. It was actually the best time to go. There were not too many people outside who could possibly jeer her. But even if there were crowds, I doubt if they would've disrespected the presidentita. It's just not in our nature to be impolite.

But at least, the ordeal is over and done with, both for the Aquino and Arroyo families. Everyone appeared civil and polite. And so now...exhale...

Meantime, here's the raw footage from ABS-CBN:

(UPDATE 2:29 pm) SORRY guys, the link to ABS-CBN seems to be loopy. I'll try to get a better video for you later. Or try clicking here. Thanks!

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