June 02, 2006

And what about the kids' tuition?

This has been a long-running battle between parents whose children won't get the proper education planned for them and a mighty Chinoy family conglomerate who closed the company which would have helped fund that education. I haven't always agreed with PEP (Parents Enabling Parents) Coalition's tactics--name calling is never a mark of a good argument--but I do understand the anguish most of them are going through. You work so hard and set aside money for your kid's future by investing in Pacific Plans, owned by a credible and trustworthy company, and in a blink, that is all gone as well as a good opportunity for your children to do better than you did in your lifetime.

Education has always been a top priority for us Filipinos that even the poor beg, steal or borrow just to be able to have food on the table and send their kids to school. Arresting these parents is just poor form for the justice system in this country when the real culprits in this entire scandal are the owners of Pacific Plans. Ambassador Alfonso Yuchengco has a biography called "To leave a good name," but this ongoing problem with PEP certainly has drubbed his and his family's name in the mud. Arresting the PEP parents won't restore that good name. Only the proper solution to the problem...making sure all the children of these parents get the education they deserve...will help do that. Of all people, it should be the Ambassador who should understand the importance of a good education. With all his money, this is one problem that should have gone away a long time ago. Too much hesitation on the family's part just blew it all up to the proportions that it is now. It was a wasted opportunity to make the proper amends.

(Do check PEP Coalition's web site at http://www.pepcoalition.com/ Photo courtesy PEP Coalition)

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